Our Firm provides comprehensive advice on corporate governance for family companies. Arias offers a complete set of services for estate planning, and for the continuity of the family business groups among the region.  It also provides the tools for family planning in order to minimize potential risks and conflicts in family companies.

Our key services include:

  • Coordination and mediation among family members, as external legal counsels
  • The design and implementation of ownership and governance structures
  • Shareholder Agreements, Inheritance plans
  • Development of internal policies, standards and rules for procedures for the family governance through the development of Shareholder Agreements and Family Agreements
  • The design of management and administrative bodies in the family business
  • The development of educational programs for the preparation of the future generations in the family business groups
  • Advice on family investment projects
  • Elaboration of complex operations in which the family group’s wealth is involved
  • Advice on family and estate planning in order to minimize potential risks and conflicts
  • Advice on structuring legal figures and institutions for the transfer of family assets
  • Suitable documentations and structures of family companies to maximize tax efficiency
  • If a conflict is inevitable our attorneys represent our clients in mediation, arbitration, litigation, always looking for alternative forms of conflicts resolution
  • Life insurance
  • Advice for donations and the establishment of nonprofit organizations
  • Advice in the elaboration, management and structuring of trusts
  • Advice on the creation of Off-shore companies for the preservation of the family wealth

Regional Team

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