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We began our journey in 1942 in El Salvador, founded with roots of humanistic thinking and under the values of honesty, integrity and professionalism that characterized our founder, Dr. Francisco Armando Arias, who years later would become a legacy for Arias throughout Central America.

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Dr. Arias started as a single practitioner, becoming a full service legal firm through the years, with a specialized team of lawyers capable of practicing law with dedication, commitment and expertise.


After 24 years in the market, we knew we had to move forward from being a local firm to becoming the first legal firm with a regional expansion model in Central America.  With great enthusiasm and effort, the first office abroad was Nicaragua in 1996, one of the decisions that marked our history, regardless of the challenges that existed when deciding which country to focus our expansion we had the advantage of having key people to partner up with the top legal talent in the country. We then continued our expansion by opening operations in Costa Rica and Guatemala and  subsequently followed Honduras and Panama, managing to fulfill our vision of forming a solid and integral firm in the six countries of Central America. This allowed us to create ties with international networks that continue to this day supporting the growth of our firm.

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Over time we have offered quality work, not only through our attorneys who are highly experienced and academically prepared, but also with our internal staff who play an important role in the smooth operations of the firm. Participating in transactions of the highest level, we have shown that we are capable of managing and executing any case successfully for our clients., through them, we have earned our prestige. We strive to always be at the forefront of the legal and business world, not only to maintain our position as THE Central American law firm, but to continue to innovate and evolve.

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