Vivian Gazel

Senior Counsel, Costa Rica


  • Vivian is a Senior Counsel at Arias and has worked with the firm since 2008, where privacy, data protection, technology, telecommunications, consumer protection, corporate matters and legal project management are her areas of expertise.
  • She focuses on complex and evolving laws and regulations that govern everything that happens in connection with data processing, including consumer protection laws, privacy laws, and e-commerce issues. She has provided legal advice to local and multinational corporation on issues such as cyber security, online privacy, data breach protocols, and the law as it relates to current or emerging technologies. Further, she has also attended as international speaker at Chambers Mexico Forum and El Salvador’s Ready to Pitch Event.
  • Additionally, she has provided guidance to design and develop the policies and procedures of the organization’s privacy programs in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations and has assisted in the development and execution of security policies, plans, standards and procedures.
  • She works collaboratively with our regional team sharing information about the evolving nature of privacy, technology and data protection laws.
  • Furthermore, Vivian has advised local and international corporations on the provision of regulated services, setting up operations, as well as complex regulatory issues, consumer law, reviewing, drafting and negotiating contracts, procuring permits and licenses for telecommunications companies and finding creative solutions to balance the business needs with the regulatory framework.
  • Her experience covers several industries including pharmaceutical, retail, research, manufacture, life sciences, and technological, amongst others.
  • She has proven legal counseling experience in complex business environments, with an in-depth understanding of how issues affect her clients and has the ability to develop creative strategies to overcome such issues. Her professional experience includes more than two years as in-house legal counsel at Telefónica, where she was in charge with dealing with the Telecom Regulator and Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications to find compliant solutions that met business needs and oversaw the procurement of licenses.
  • Amongst the projects she has been involved we can mention: • Counsel multinational technology companies to launch their products and services in compliance with regional regulations; • Design and develop data privacy programs; • Handle data breaches, in coordination with stakeholders; • Train companies on data privacy and creating awareness within its employees; • Procurement of telecommunications licenses; • Advise companies in its day-to-day operations and managing complex projects with several stakeholders; • Represent clients in complex contract negotiations and successful completing the process; • Assist companies in setting up its operation; and • Coordinate regional projects.


  • J.D. equivalent (Licenciatura) from Universidad de La Salle.
  • Specialist degree in Notary Law. Additionally.
  • Masters in Project Management from Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional.

  • Associate-to-watch at Chambers for Telecom, Media and Technology


  • Costa Rican Bar Association
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • Amcham - Costa Rica


  • Data Guidance: (available for Data Guidance members only)

Client's feedback

  • Star associate Vivian Gazel is endorsed by sources for her expertise in TMT, particularly regarding regulatory compliance. Market commentators note her as "an excellent, business-oriented lawyer" who is "hugely knowledgeable on data privacy." Another source enthuses that "the work delivered was so informative, concise and appropriately detailed, which made it practical and easy for our business to use."
  • Associate-to-watch Vivian Gazel is appreciated by market commentators for her work within the Costa Rican sphere. Gazel is active supporting Arias in a wide-ranging scope of TMT matters.

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