José Pablo Quirós

Associate, Costa Rica


  • Has worked at the firm since January, 2020. Became an Associate Lawyer in 2022.
  • His practice areas include Corporate Law, Real Estate, and Compliance.
  • He has collaborated with the Corporate team in making corporate changes and advising on possible corporate structures. In addition, he has provided support to clients in the preparation of contracts such as trusts, securities, and governance agreements.
  • Likewise, José Pablo has advised national and international clients in the acquisition of real estate in Costa Rica, including the performance of due diligence processes, the discussion of the applicable contractual terms, as well as the corresponding analysis of rights in rem in the case of complex transactions.
  • Moreover, José Pablo is a member of the Compliance Team. As such, he has been involved in risk identification and assessment processes, development of compliance programs for clients, as well as in advising on compliance-related queries.
  • Finally, due to his previous background in Constitutional Law, José Pablo has written legal opinions based on a constitutional and conventional perspective.


  • Attorney, graduated from the University of Costa Rica.


  • Costa Rican-German Chamber of Commerce
  • World Law Group
  • World Compliance Association, Costa Rican Chapter: Coordinator of the Committee for Compliance and Technologies

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