Andrés Marroquín

Associate, Guatemala

Practice areas


Andrés Marroquín

Associate, Guatemala


  • Andrés joined Arias Guatemala in October, 2021 in the legal team overseeing analysis of banking, finance, and capital markets matters. His participation into the work carried out in such areas has consisted in the analysis of the legal possibility of carrying out securities-related transactions in Guatemala, the application of payments systems and collection, and the structure of loans. Since he joined, Andrés has been a part of Arias’ transactional team as a key player.
  • At Arias, Andres has been very active analyzing the structure of loans and complex collateral structures, mainly through security trusts. Moreover, he has been involved in the analysis of the Guatemalan insolvencies’ laws and distribution contracts.
  • He is passionate for the academic aspects of law, for which he has been an auxiliary professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin’s Law School. Moreover, he is interested in international public law, for which he participated in the John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition on WTO Law (American champion) and the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition on international criminal law.


  • Law Degree, as well as Attorney and Notary Public, Cum Laude, from the Faculty of Law of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

  • Cum Laude honors.


  • International Bar Association (IBA)

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