Arias was founded in 1943 by Dr. Francisco Armando Arias in El Salvador. Fifty years later, we managed to be the first legal firm to establish the regional expansion model in Central America under the leadership of Dr. Francisco Armando Arias Rivera, son.  


In 1996 we began the path to establish the first legal firm in Central America and Panama. This innovative decision marked the regional legal market since at that date most firms were local and based on family or friendship ties. Our expansion came to revolutionize the regional legal market and changed it forever, because what was considered impossible during the past is now a trend that most firms try to imitate. 


Our first market opened in Nicaragua in 1996, then in Costa Rica and Guatemala in 1998, and later in Honduras in 2002 and Panama in 2011. This way we were able to fulfill our vision of forming an integrated firm in the six Central American countries. We now have 43 partners and around 130 specialized associates in 35 practice areas. We have participated in the largest transactions throughout the region and have a diverse committed team that enjoy making their clients´ objectives their own, maximizing societal value and impact. Our vision is to be the firm that offers all its legal services in an integrated manner, facilitating business sustainability and promoting talent, demonstrating that we can lead any case successfully. Along with our team, we guide our clients in the development of their businesses. We value being advocates for diversity, inclusion, and women in leadership positions; always at the forefront to ensure the best legal service with the best human talent. 


Our roots were founded on humanistic thought and on honesty, rectitude and professionalism. This year we celebrate 80 years of providing the best legal service to our clients, focusing on the best results and maintaining our goal of advising with certainty, quality and passion. During this time, we have had the opportunity to make projects a reality for our clients, contributing to the economic growth of our countries. We have memberships in local and international institutions allowing us to be up to date with industry events and provide innovative strategic solutions. We have been awarded important prizes for our probono work, diversity and inclusion, through different organizations and associations. We are catalogued within the highest bands by the most prestigious legal directories in the world. Our elite team of lawyers are highly recognized by clients and colleagues. Our goal is to understand our clients, their business, growth and expansion and offer them timely and excellent solutions. 


We want to take this opportunity to give thanks to God for these eight decades, to our team throughout the region and to our clients, who trust us to make things happen, without them none of this would have been possible.


Arias, 80 years innovating the legal market.

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