Our founder



"He was an honest man. He left a great legacy of high human, ethical and moral values, as well as of honesty and righteousness"-Francisco Armando Arias

Our founder Francisco Armando Arias was born on June 4, 1915 in Santa Ana, El Salvador; since then he forged an inspiring life, reflecting on the legacy that he left his family, our firm and the country he served. 

He was part of the National Soccer Team of El Salvador, in which he had the role of Captain, within the period from 1935 to 1940. He had obtained a doctorate in Law and Social Sciences from Universidad de El Salvador in 1942; the same year in which he founded the firm, today known as Arias, where he focused his practice in Civil, Constitutional and Procedural Law.

Dr. Arias made large contributions to El Salvador as a public servant, starting in 1958 as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice; then in 1962 as Vice Minister of Justice, then, in 1964, he served as Vice Minister of the Interior; subsequently he collaborated with the Government of President Fidel Sánchez Hernández as Minister of the Interior in 1966 and Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic in 1968.

His experience and reputation led him to be appointed as President of the Supreme Court of Justice from 1970 to 1976, having been elected to such position twice by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador.

Throughout his life, he stood out for his great sportsmanship and for his support and contributions made to sports in El Salvador. This made him worthy of being appointed as President of the Salvadorean Federation of Soccer (FEDEFUT) in 1970. 

Our founder made great contributions in the country’s development thanks to his productive work, transparency and kind heart. His legacy will live on throughout the years.

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