Despite our advances as leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and activists, we must continue to do more to create a world full of equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, condition, or religion. That is why at Arias we are committed to diversity, promoting growth based on the merit of the individual without being influenced by another factors.

We are proud that 100% of our managing partners are women. We also have a team of determined, leaders, committed, supportive and visionary women; women who make a difference in everything they do.  Their vision, conviction and passion inspire us to give everything to continue MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.  Our lawyers lead the largest projects in the region,  and are responsible of the most important matters of our clients and thanks to them the firm advances, grows, innovates and excels.


Arias diversity in numbers:


of our partners are women


of our associates are women


of our managing team are women


of our managing partners are women

Special recognitions:

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