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June, 2014

This new law will come into force on June 18th, 2014 and it regulates the legal liabilities that derive from transit casualties, such as negligent homicides and injuries. Following is a brief of the law's content:

  • The law requires that the owners of vehicles used for transportation of loads of more than 3.5 metric tons of gross weight, as well as for urban or extra-urban scholar and public transportation, shall have a registry of each hired driver, which must be updated annually. Such registry must include a file with the driver's relevant personal information, including a recent photograph, personal identification document, birth certificate, and driver's license, all duly legalized by a Guatemalan Notary. It also requires the driver to provide a proof or affidavit of current domicile in order to be easily located. The owners of such transportation vehicles are obliged to collaborate with the authorities in finding the responsible driver; otherwise, they could be held responsible and liable for criminal charges.
  • The law demands that the owners of such transportation vehicles are responsible for the well-functioning and maintenance of the vehicles. If the transit casualty derives from the poor condition of the vehicle, then its owners can be held responsible and liable for criminal charges.
  • The law provides new forms of identification of said vehicles.
  • The law orders that drivers must comply with certain academic records to be hired.

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