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June, 2020

The Secretary of State in the Offices of the Interior, Justice and Decentralization issued a Ministerial Agreement published on June 24, 2020 in the Diario Oficial La Gaceta, which contains important provisions for foreigners living in Honduras:

  • Tourism, officials, businesses and other non-resident foreigners:
    • The permit of stay is automatically extended for thirty (30) business days in addition to the initial term granted, counted from June 24, 2020.
    • Foreigners can register their departure from the country at the immigration control points or otherwise they may choose to request an extension of permit of stay.
    • If the foreigner doesn’t request an extension of the permit of stay and incurs in over stay, must leave the country subject to the corresponding fines

  • Renewal of Resident Card:
    • Temporary and permanent foreign residents have an additional term of thirty (30) business days, counted from June 24 to request the renewal of their card.

  • Renewal of Special Permission to Stay (Contracted by a Private Company):
    • Foreigners who have pending the renewal of their special permit to stay, have a term of thirty (30) business days from June 24 to request the renewal online or in person.
    • Foreigners may choose to request an extension of the permit of stay.

  • Extensions of Permit of Stay (Residences and Special Permits to Stay In Process):
    • For foreigners who already had residencies and residence permits in process, the term is extended by thirty (30) additional business days from June 24, for the extension process to continue.

  • Registration in the National Registry of Foreigners:
    • Foreigners who have pending registration in the National Registry of Foreigners and whose registration period expired between March 16 and June 24 have an additional period of thirty (30) business days to continue their processes.

  •  Foreigners, who their initial stay permit expired before March 16, without them making the relevant renewals, will be subject to fines when leaving the country.

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