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Members of Arias Nicaragua win First Place at Entrepreneurs Fair

June, 2016

Diana Fonseca and Uriel Balladares, paralegals in Arias Nicaragua presented a business project, obtaining the First Place in the category of Best Project with Social Impact, within the “XXI Muestra Empresarial” organized by Universidad Americana of Nicaragua.

The event is developed annually, and during six months, students of all faculties structured business plans to create their own companies, with the aim of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in students.

Diana and Uriel, part of four member group, proposed the creation of the non-profit association, Spes, with the primary interest of promoting employment, social and economic reintegration of inmates of the Penitentiary “La Esperanza”. To do this, they proposed to provide trainings and entrepreneurship workshops, where they can learn hand crafts, in order to develop their skills and abilities.

This project seeks that the inmates, once completed their sentence, have the necessary tools to take on their own business and be able to subsist economically on their own.

The team was able to make their project stand out from the 90 that were presented, thanks to its social approach and proposed solution for the structural problem that currently persists in our societies.

It fills us with joy and satisfaction to have such talented members in our team, interested in making a difference and improving the quality of life in our countries.


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