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April, 2018

Service, solidarity and awareness are values that our firm characterizes in all corporate social responsibility activities. On March 14th, our office in El Salvador joined the commemoration of World Kidney Day, doing "jeans days" every Friday during the month of March; people who wanted to participate and wear jeans, had to pay $1, in order to collect funds and buy a personal kit, toys, candies, juices and more to the children of Hospital Benjamín Bloom who suffer from this disease.

On April 6th, we visited the children of Nephrology area (children suffering from renal failure) of the Hospital Benjamín Bloom, where with great joy and love, we smiled and dedicated our time so that their day would begin differently. At Arias, we are convinced that we have to a be part of the positive changes in our environment and thus achieve a common well-being; but, the most important thing is to see smiles on the faces of children who struggle every day to overcome this disease.


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