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December, 2015

Recognition was published by Latin Lawyer and Vance Center.

The Central American law firm Arias & Muñoz was recognized as one of the 55 "Leading Lights" in Latin America, thanks to their Pro Bono work and corporate social responsibility.

Carlos Camacho, Junior Partner at Arias & Muñoz Costa Rica and representative of the Corporate Social Responsibility committee of the office explained that the appointment as a Leading Light firm was awarded by Latin Lawyer magazine in collaboration with the Vance Center, who published on the November edition a study which shows the growth of the Pro Bono practice in Latin America.

"This recognition is given as a result of the work of the committee over the years and specifically for our efforts during the year 2014. All information was provided in a survey by Vance Center and Latin Lawyer. In this survey, topics such as the track of hours dedicated to Pro bono work,committee organization and work areas were treated. Among the areas of work of the committee are Pro Bono activities and social responsibility held in four different axes: Environmental, Social, Health and Education", said the Committee.

The Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas emerged 10 years ago. Since then, the Pro bono movement in Latin America has increased significantly. According to the study, "some countries have sophisticated a Pro Bono structure with central reference systems, while the companies are taking commendable steps to institutionalize the practice"

Since 2008, the involvement of the firm and its employees in volunteer subjects in different areas began, however these efforts were sporadic and unstructured.

From 2010, the committee for the coordination of all efforts in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility was established. Among the activities that have been developed are:

  • Probono Services for Fundación Ross
  • Probono Services for Fundación techo
  • Probono Services for Fundación Giamala
  • Probono Services for Fundación Centro Para la Sostenibilidad Urbana
  • Probono Services for Grameen Bank
  • Recycling Programs
  • Volunteering for the Cruz Roja for disaster relief in the Caribbean zone.
  • Christmas parties with children in vulnerable areas.
  • ASOBITICO donation funds.
  • Volunteer in the walk against cancer - Anna Ross
  • Planting trees in conjunction with the municipality of Santa Ana
  • Construction of house with the NGO Techo
  • Blood donations for the National Blood Bank

The CSR committee in Arias & Muñoz Costa Rica coordinates the activities and also motivates fellow firm members to participate and work with people who offer to partner in probono activities or provide the service requested by the organization.

"This recognition not only gives the firm a position on issues of social responsibility, but it reflects the commitment and impact that Arias & Muñoz has as an organization in a national and international level", concluded Carlos Camacho.


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