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July, 2015

Currently, 358 beneficiaries of the Free Trade Zone Regime contribute to 51% of the export of goods in Costa Rica, and it was highlighted in the event entitled "Impact and Trends Free Zone regime".

"The Country Net Benefit (BPN) for the operation of the Regime of Zona Franca (RZF) reached on average $2,556 million a year in the period of 2010 to 2014. This BPN had an annual average growth of 16%, going from $1749-million in 2010 to $3.125 billion in 2014 (in real terms the growth was of 11.4%). The BPN grew at a rate nearly three times higher than the real economy in the years analyzed. Companies in the services sector were the largest contributors to this BPN, with an average share of 42%", in accordance with the Balance Study of Free Trade Zones, prepared by PROCOMER with collaboration of COMEX and CINDE.

Free Trade Zones are socially profitable when analyzing the approximate return of $ 5.7 to the country for every $ 1 they received exonerated. Also, thanks to the Free Trade Zones growth and the support of the Government of Costa Rica over the years, by 2014 these beneficiaries generated about 20 thousand more jobs than in 2010.

The question we should all be asking ourselves is not if Free Trade Zones generate benefits; but rather how Costa Rica can evolve in order to attract more foreign investments.

Vivian Chacon



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