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April, 2019

The first internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contest developed in the offices of El Salvador was named Arias Gives Back. Every year CSR actively seeks to be present in corporate strategies with the aim of generating a positive impact and translate it into greater competitiveness and sustainability for companies through commitment to our society.

This project, Arias Gives Back, was born with the initiative of giving the opportunity to everyone working in Arias to positively impact communities and transform lives; at the same time, create a bond between coworkers and contribute to continuous improvement by acquiring leadership skills, teamwork and enhancing their own creativity. In order to develop it, different stages were carried out, from the call to register to the presentation of projects to prestigious external juries in El Salvador that dedicate themselves to social projects and the development of a socially responsible culture. These were: Holly Jones – Executive Director at CEDES, Carmen Aida Lazo - Dean of Economics and Businesses at ESEN and Carlos Lemus – Hanesbrands Inc. who, after evaluating each team, chose two winners who obtained the awards given by Arias for the execution of their projects.

To end the contest and announce the winners, the firm made a small ceremony where Arias’ employees could see the love, dedication, and effort that the teams dedicated to their projects; and at the end of the event, the announcement of the winners was made as follows:

1st place: Arias' Athletic Legacy.

2nd place: Grandes Amigos.

Innovation award: Los Innombrables.

At Arias, we are convinced that it is everyone's responsibility to instill and generate positive changes in our environment to achieve common welfare and ensure a better life for future generations. The transformation always takes place internally and then expresses itself externally and thus contributes to the progress of the region. The challenge we have goes beyond borders and each country works to contribute to efficiency, sustainability, and wellbeing by complementing its value in diversity, equal opportunities, respect, tolerance and many more. As time passes, CSR has become part of Arias’ DNA and through it, we have found invaluable advantages for development within the organization. Each Social Responsibility project fills us with satisfaction and with them we seek to motivate and inspire not only our employees but also our clients to make CSR stronger in their business plans.


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