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ES: Legislative Assembly decrees an exemption of payment of special tax to large taxpayers for beneficiaries of special tax regimes

June, 2019

Legislative Assembly (Congress in El Salvador) decrees an exemption of payment of special tax 

to large taxpayers for beneficiaries  of special tax regimes

At plenary session on Thursday, May 16th, 2019, the Legislative Assembly approved the amendment to Article 4 of the Law on Special Contribution to Large Taxpayers for the Citizen Security Plan, through which it exempted the payment of the aforementioned special contribution to the beneficiaries of the following special regimes:

(i) Industrial and Commercial Free Trade Zones;

(ii) International Services;

(iii) Tourism Law;

(iv) Renewable Energies; and,

(v) Cooperative Associations.

Legislative Decree No. 324 dated May 16th, 2019, through which said reform was carried out, will be published in the Official Gazette No. 93, Volume No. 423, dated May 23rd of the current year.

As of this date, the Official Gazette in question has not circulated, so, according to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, the legislative decree that establishes the exemption from the special tax would be valid 8 days later that the aforementioned Official Gazette goes to circulation.

 You can access the document with the Legislative Decree aforementioned (together with the favorable opinion of the Finance Commission of the Legislative Assembly) by clicking here.


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