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ES: Bill for the Integral Management of Waste and Promotion of Recycling

December, 2018

Bill for the Integral Management of Waste and Promotion of Recycling

The final disposition of solid waste has been a problem that affects all the country's municipalities. In order to solve this problem, on October 15th of the current year the Council of Mayors of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador ("COAMSS" in Spanish) submitted the bill for the Integral Management of Waste and Promotion of Recycling. This law aims to unite the efforts of the municipalities, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in order to create a waste management system.

This bill includes the obligation of public sector institutions to do a primary separation of waste to make the recycling process easier. One of the main goals of this law is to cultivate the habit of recycling, considering the inclusion of integral waste management classes and promotion of recycling in the national education curriculum.

Currently, and for 20 years, the mayor of San Salvador and most municipalities in the country have had a contract with MIDES, who is the responsible for the final disposition of waste. This contract establishes that all generated waste must be sent to MIDES, making the separation work senseless.

 To this date, the bill is still being studied by the Environmental Commission of the Legislative Assembly, but it is important to carry out the necessary analysis to confirm that it will be a law that achieves its purpose, for which it must first be confirmed that it takes into account the necessary aspects to promote, not only recycling, but also the reduction in consumption patterns of materials not friendly to the environment as well as the encouragement of reuse measures.


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