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El Salvador: Religious Weddings, Tacuba 2020 | Seventeenth edition

February, 2020

On January 25th, the Arias team visited Ahuachapán to celebrate the traditional collective religious weddings at the municipality of Tacuba. With support of the local Parish Santa María Magdalena, the firm year after year shares a celebration which transmits so much love and joy to each couple who receives the marriage sacrament, a free act by which they unite their lives with the purpose of seeking happiness next to their loved one.

"Love and do whatever you want. If you shut up, you will be silent with love; If you scream, you will scream with love; If you correct, you will correct with love; If you forgive, you will forgive with love. If you have the love rooted in you, nothing but love, will be your fruits", Saint Augustine of Hippo.

 With this activity, we contribute to Salvadoran community by fostering the fundamental basis of society: Family. This year, 7 couples held their religious wedding and celebrated with their family, godparents and church community members who also held activities, awards, games and prizes for the kids such as piñatas and toys

We thank our team for constantly demonstrate their commitment to the community, thanks to their support we carry out this activity once again, which fills us with satisfaction, pride and above all, motivation to continue.


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