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July, 2018

A few weeks ago, two young people knocked on the doors of Arias El Salvador to tell us about a project that seeks to change lives and impact society from early childhood, they are IMPCT Coffee, a project that consists of meeting women entrepreneurs of the educational area to invest in their informal playrooms’ and thus ensure that they are safe spaces adapted to the needs of early childhood learning, as well as contributing to the objectives of sustainable development. This project does not consist of donating, which is commonly see in this way of non-profit organizations; but, they are responsible for generating their own funds with the sale of ground coffee from different farms recognized in the country that are added to this initiative,  how can companies join this project? As a company we can be part of this project by buying their coffee in this way we help to create spaces of health, welfare and education for children of early childhood.

In Arias we join this initiative full of enthusiasm, we know that a cornerstone of CSR are the internal initiatives we carry out as a company, to create a work environment more satisfied with the social events that take place we hope through these initiatives, to always be a place where our team wants to work and share the same goals that go beyond generating profitability, but rather, to be agents of change and we are proud to join this initiative and seek to create spaces for childhood education in El Salvador.


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