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January, 2016

On Saturday, January 30th, 2016, the team of Arias in partnership with the Church Santa María Magdalena, celebrated the traditional weddings of the municipality of Tacuba in Ahuachapán, for the thirteenth consecutive year. Each year, the firm's attorneys visit Tacuba to perform as notaries the civil marriages and in this sense, facilitate a process that the couples previously could not complete due to several difficulties, among them the lack of resources.

Facilitating the union of couples in a formal way, through both civil and religious marriage, empowers the family and bases the relationship on the rights and duties that a legally registered couple should enjoy and respect. With this activity, Arias demonstrates its commitment to the Salvadoran society and especially to the family as the fundamental unit of society.

This year's celebration was held for 17 couples, and their immediate families, godparents and collaborators of the church, totaling 150 guests. The staff of the firm was present to donate their time and joy, and also shared food for all attendees, music and entertainment for adults and bags full of toys and "piñatas" for children.

Once again, Arias fulfills its commitment to families in the municipality of Tacuba through this activity, full of great satisfaction and pride.


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