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Arias accompanies Eurofarma in its growth in Latin America

March, 2019

In recent days, Eurofarma Laboratórios S.A. (originally from Brazil) made public the acquisition of a part of Stein S.A Laboratories in Costa Rica, in a deal whose value was not disclosed.

The Brazilian Multinational acquired various important trademark portfolio and products from Laboratorios Stein, S.A., adding significant products to the Eurofarma offer. The deal was multijurisdictional since it involved Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Arias Guatemala coordinated all the legal work in these jurisdictions, which included issues of corporate law, competition, regulation, intellectual property, taxes, and foreign trade. The acquisition of several products and brands represented a meticulous work in which Arias sought to protect the best interests of Eurofarma.

Eurofarma's objective with the acquisition is to position itself with greater strength in the Latin American market, and in this way support its internationalization plan begun in 2009.

Through this expansion, the increase in the catalog of products is sought maintaining the production on the side of Stein Laboratories.

Thereafter, an increase in Eurofarma's production at the Guatemala plant is expected.

Arias team involved in the transaction:



Costa Rica



Costa Rica


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