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Information Technology Law and Data Privacy

Our firm has always been a precursor in innovation and new technologies, with a specialized team in IT Law. We have extensive experience in supporting our clients in preventive and corrective counseling, with clear and precise answers to their needs. We provide integral solutions relating to innovation, developing Intellectual Property strategies to protect the latest technological developments in the most relevant areas including Information Technology and audiovisual production. Our specialized services include: web page audits, electronic contracting, digital signatures, digital advertising, social media regulations, database protection, software licensing, source code deposit (escrow contracts), hosting and content creation contracting, non-disclosure agreements.

Our firm has experience supporting entrepreneurs, small and medium companies based on innovation and new technologies, including advising on access to private and public funding. We have acquired significant experience on developing strategies for intellectual properties and innovation for large companies, personal data protection and confidentiality policies helping also on training their collaborators and giving preventive and corrective advice. These Intellectual Property strategies are always aligned to commercial planning and focused on generating return on investments based on intangible assets.

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