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Biotechnology Law

Arias has answered the market's need by providing integral counsel in all legal and business aspects related to registering and developing biotechnology companies. These include complying with public law, sanitary and regulatory requirements, protection of their R&D investment, valuing intangible assets and exploiting these directly or indirectly (using licenses or technological transfer agreements) and even developing international market strategies.

Our firm has specialized professionals in relevant areas: biotechnology, medical sciences, human and animal health (red biotechnology), industrial processes (white biotechnology), agricultural and agro industry processes (green biotechnology) and environmental matters (grey biotechnology). Our services include drafting of specialized patents, regulatory and administrative counsel for biotechnology products in human and animal health and agricultural improvement, plant varieties, genetically modified organisms (GMO's), vinculation with universities and research and innovation centers, contract counseling, cells and tissue storage and distribution advice and related administrative and penal litigation. We also promote implementation of standards and norms in biotechnology and help with obtaining funds and other incentives to innovation, research and development. 

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